Keys to Your Future

I couldn't think of a better title! That's the title of the book about resumes that is sitting beside me. Hi, my name is Sumaiya and I am not almost 23 anymore. In fact, I am not even 23 anymore. Ha!


What would you choose?
When you find the answer, please call me.

“What do you mean? You won’t like me soon”. 

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when you meet your idol in a restroom

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LEE JAEJOON  (╯°□°)╯︵  ┻━┻)

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take it off~

he has chest hair :D

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The member who’s most similar to me : V hyung. He’s random, our comedic cords match well, and I think our personalities are similar . ©

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140615 Yeouido FansignCR:Smile HoneyDo Not Edit


140615 Yeouido Fansign
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PantheraLeo0111 | do not edit & do not crop logo

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