Keys to Your Future

I couldn't think of a better title! That's the title of the book about resumes that is sitting beside me. Hi, my name is Sumaiya and I am not almost 23 anymore. In fact, I am not even 23 anymore. Ha!

Chef Zhang’s cute obsession with watermelons.

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Sungmin scoring a point against Kyuhyun for the team quiz

LOL!!! actually the two of them are one of the few smartest and most alert members in the group. probably why they were roomies XD 

Loving the LEEBROTHERS moment

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there are two types of people in this world :
sungyeol & woohyun or myungsoo

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han sanghyuk | only u @ mtv the show

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idiots, basically.

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please let them sleep peacefully…

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Golden maknae strikes again
Golden maknae strikes again

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Jungmin's priceless reaction when SS501 didn't win 

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jin hanging around in the backseat.

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